The Wellbeing Clinic Calne

We had only just opened the Calne Wellbeing Clinic in January, only to close in March
We had also just finished refitting the Marlborough Wellbeing Clinic , which we took over last April. We had to make some tough decisions very quickly as finances were drastically reduced, even with a grant.

Sadly we decided to permanently close the Marlborough Clinic and focus our attention on the new Calne Clinic .

As we had already a solid client base in Calne from having a practice at home for the last 6 years it made more sense
We used the time constructively, as like many others, remodelling house and garden and enjoying the sunshine, which was the ultimate saving grace .
Jason perfected his personal fitness routine, as well as choreographing a HIIT Yoga programme that he’s now putting to good use at the 11:11 Yoga studio on Saturday mornings.

We continued to liase with our team of therapists and yoga instructors throughout lockdown. Some of which have followed us to Calne
We reopened about 6 weeks ago , as Jason was able to offer acupuncture treatments for Acute pain,,and he hasn’t stopped since

The shop has been slow to take off, as people are not used to seeing this business in Church street, but we are gradually getting people popping in enquiring about our treatments, courses and products.

We are glad to say that we have been very well received n Church St, and the flurry of people back and forth seems to be on the increase as life returns to a “new normal”
We very much look forward to contributing to making Calne a happy, healthier community and have huge amount of gratitude to clients, old and new , for showing such tremendous support through a truly challenging but awakening period history.