Calne Market Traders

Here you will see our traders that can be found at our Monthly market in Calne Town or in The Calne Springs Showroom at Tesc

Susan’s Crafts

I started paper crafting five years ago when my daughter needed some decorations for her wedding. After that I progressed to gift boxes and luminaries that hopefully the recipient would like to have as a keepsake. Some are more challenging than others to make, but I enjoy my craft.

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SnootyFoxGifts started in March 2017 by myself (Jamie). I’m an entrepreneur from Calne. In 2017 I went on to come runner up entrepreneur of the year for Gofish, a charity in Wiltshire that helps young people to set up business.

I run my market stall as a hobby 1 to 2 times a month on my days off work, I’m a store manager in Bath Somerset.

I now specialise in Charter Doorstops & Character Planters. My favourite animal is the Fox hence the name!

Chris Dunn Illustration

Chris Dunn has been a freelance illustrator since 2008. Originally from West Yorkshire, trained in Swindon and now working from home in Calne taking inspiration from the Wiltshire countryside and architecture.
Some of his clients include Haymarket, BBC Audiobooks, The Times, Galerie Daniel Maghen and Art Of The Imagination. He’s fortunate enough to have been featured in a number of art publications, such as Imagine FX, DPI in Taiwan and Spectrum in the US.

In 2018, Chris illustrated the children’s book ‘Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest’, written by Steve Richardson, for which they received the Creative Child Magazine BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD and 2018 Indie Book Awards – Joint winner of Best Chrildren’s Picture Book (6 years and up).

This year Chris has been producing a fully illustrated version of ‘The Wind In The Willows’ published by Editions Caurette, in both English and French language editions. The original watercolours will be exhibited in Paris at Galerie Daniel Maghen during the book launch next year.

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

We exist to protect the environment and encourage sustainable living for the benefit of both people and nature. We are creating living landscapes across Wiltshire by restoring, reconnecting and recreating wildlife habitats across landscapes for wildlife and people. We do this by:

  • Protecting, maintaining and enhancing our nature reserves.
  • Increasing the amount of land, rivers and wetlands managed by us, and bettering them for wildlife.
  • Standing up for wildlife and the natural environment.
  • Influencing and supporting the development of living landscapes in each of Wiltshire’s distinctive landscape biodiversity areas.

Wiltshire has some of the richest wildlife in the UK, and we need your help to make sure it stays that way. Become a member today, and you’ll join a growing movement which preserves our precious wild spaces for wildlife and people, forever.

Concertphotos Phildent

From the early 80s Phil Dent worked as a photographer for the music industry, providing photographs for many prestigious clients, including The Royal Albert Hall, Earl’s Court, Wembley Stadium, Abbey Road Studios and the foremost promoters, artist management and corporate clients.

He has covered live concerts for most of the greatest artists of the 80s and 90s, and until around 2007, having exclusive access to obtain an extensive archive of unique images. This also includes many private events and Live Aid in 1985.

Phil also has some dramatic photos of stages/lighting, ballet performance and exclusive and unseen portraits of many Hollywood actors.

Candle City

The business was started as an online trading website with, at a later stage, retail premises in Marlborough and eventually a portion of the Baby Cottage shop on Beach Terrace in Calne. It is now trading purely through local markets or by requests for supply by email or phone.

Products include a variety of dinner, Sherwood & Church candles; candelabra and candleholders of all sizes; room fragrancing and related giftware. All remaining stock is priced very competitively as part of my (very long term) retirement plan!


Made with Passion

Based in the small Wiltshire town of Calne, Waitey’s was established in 2018, derived from our love and passion for good food.

Our products are made at home in small batches, ensuring the taste and texture is perfect.

Get our most delicious, Artisan products delivered to your door, or come and find us at local farmers markets and food festivals.