Calne Badminton Club

The brand new Calne Badminton Club was started in March 2014 as a completely new venture with no connection to the former club which ceased in September 2013. In nearly 3 years, the club has had over 200 unique players come and try us, with over 2,500 attendances to date from these players.

The club’s development plans seek to re establish a large community focused badminton club for the benefit of all Calne residents and those from surrounding areas.

The new club is open to anyone who shows an interest in badminton, be that for any age, any ability and it differs from the previous club in that it’s focus will be on increasing participation and retaining it through training and development.

We have plans to train and develop at least 20 badminton coaches in club and school settings, establish junior and senior league teams, establish 3 or 4 after school clubs, as well as offer a 50+ session during the week.

Already we have a concise programme of activities. Our popular Tuesday session is designed for serious club players and is our league practice and league home venue session. Coaching for senior (adult) players will also be on Tuesday nights.

The club’s main session is on Thursdays, which enjoys a healthy attendance, and offers social play and one court set aside for league practice and another court for coaching.

In 2017, the club has launched a new session especially for juniors and their families on Sundays. Longer term we hope to extend that session in the number of booked hours, as well as to run it in addition on Saturdays. We are looking at some evening junior sessions in Calne as well. All these developments mean that eventually players will be able to access some 20 hours of badminton a week in the town.