Calne Baptist Church

We believe in a loving God who is as real today as he always has been. He showed his love to the world in a very special way 2000 years ago by sending his son Jesus into the world, becoming both human and divine, in which he lived and died for us. He continues to show us his love and mercy today, and has the power to change the lives of those who are open to him through the work of his Spirit.

We believe that Jesus, as revealed in the Bible, is our authority in matters of faith and behaviour. The Bible is the relevant Word for us today. So what we learn together and how we aim to live our lives centres around what we know of Jesus through reading the Bible. We aim to hold the Bible in one hand and today’s news in the other, making the link between God’s unchanging truth, and our ever-changing world with all its problems, and moral dilemmas.

​We believe that God’s love is for sharing. So we aim, in many different ways, to share his love with those who live in our community. God is at work in every community and we aim to discover what he is up to in ours, and then join him in the transformation of places, communities and individual’s lives. We long to see God changing communities and lives, bringing wholeness and hope, restoring joy and peace, providing focus and purpose.