The Calne Bike Meet

Calne Bike Meet™ is an annual, free to attend event bringing together motorcyclists and the local community.

Held on the last Saturday in July, this year the meet will fall on Saturday 27th July.

Our small, Wiltshire town is taken over for the day by every variation of two wheeled machinery imaginable. To find us, use the postcode SN11 0EH, that’ll drop you right into the heart of the action. 

To give you an idea of what to expect – we start to see the first bikes arriving in the town at around 8am, our first live band takes to the stage at around 11am and the music carries on throughout the day, with the last notes ringing though the town at about 5pm.

That’s not the end of it, there are plenty of venues in and around the town that carry on well into the night and Calne welcomes you to stay and make the most of them

The first Calne Bike Meet was held back in 2000 when two charity organisers (Calne Rotary) invited a few local motorcycle clubs into the town.

For the first year or two the meet remained quite small, but it didn’t stay that way for long and soon grew to be recognised as a major event locally, nationally and beyond.

Being held in the town center, on open public roads makes it a unique event in the motorcycling calendar, and being free to attend allows our whole town to be involved.

With rapid growth year-on-year, it was realised that the Calne Bike Meet could be a force for good (as well as a good day out).

As a not-for-profit event it is required that we meet a few requirements, one of those is to have and to honour a charter. It’s quite a long document so we’ll keep it short here and focus on the best bit – the charities we help.

Each year we look at how we can use your money to do good things and we do that by donating to a local charity, a national charity and a charity with a connection to motorcycles.

Last year we donated a total of £13,000 to our chosen charities – A Place 4 Us, Blood Bikes and The Royal British Legion

Representatives from each of these charities joined us at our AGM (Annual General Meeting) and gave a great insight into how these donations will be used; we look forward to seeing the results in future.

Our AGM is an open, public meeting – you’re welcome to join us at the next one to hear how the Calne Bike Meet really does make a difference.